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Carrier Gas Furnace

Today’s new high efficiency furnaces can save at least 20%, which is a significant amount of your money, by lowering your heating operating costs by using less gas to heat your home.Now is the time to discover great savings by reducing your monthly energy bill with a high efficiency Carrier Infinity® System.

With the Carrier Infinity® Home Heating and Air Conditioning System, you’ll get unparalleled control and an ideal balance of temperature, humidity and air quality. It’s a system so advanced, it continually monitors your home’s comfort levels, and automatically adjusts itself for maximum efficiency and performance.

So smart, it detects and provides alerts when maintenance is needed. And so customizable with zoning, it enables you to adjust comfort levels room by room, hour by hour and, as an option, from any location via remote access.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners may look similar, but their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) can vary widely. The higher the SEER number, the more money you save on your electric bill.

Additionally, MCM Air only installs air conditioners that use environmentally friendly Puron® refrigerant.


If your home has hot water radiators in each room for heat, you have a boiler to heat the water. Like a furnace, the energy efficiency of a boiler is given as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). We offer a complete line of gas boilers ranging from 80% AFUE to 93% AFUE.

Fan Coils

Fan coils are perfect for homes with an existing hot water heating system. A fan coil is the indoor component of an air conditioning only system. MCM Air only installs fan coils that use environmentally friendly Puron® refrigerant.

Room by Room Solutions

Ductless air conditioners can make your home’s individual rooms or areas, bonus rooms over garages, or computer rooms in businesses more comfortable. Remember – just like whole-home systems, the higher the SEER ratings, the more electrically efficient they will be.

Thermostats and Zoning

The Infinity ® Control gives you complete comfort control. Simply the best!
The revolutionary Infinity® System is the epitome of Carrier engineering. Infinity is the only system you can buy that allows you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation; and even detects when your air filter needs replacing.


In the past, thermostats were only used to turn on the heating or cooling system in your home. Programmable features have now enhanced the basic temperature only controlling thermostats to increase comfort and energy savings.



Zoning can provide optimum comfort with increased energy savings in your home by dividing a home into areas with similar heating and cooling needs.



Improve your home’s health by enhancing the quality of the air inside. Carrier humidifiers help you control air moisture, ventilators bring fresh air into your home air filters clean the air before it circulates, advanced ultraviolet lamps eliminate germs and bacteria, and carbon monoxide alarms measure and detect CO levels in the home.

Humidifiers work in tandem with your furnace system to deliver desired humidity levels throughout your home. Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home is essential to maintaining indoor comfort during the winter months.

Air Purifier

Carrier’s Infinity Air Purifier is the premier air purification solution. It is ideal for homeowners with allergy concerns, people who are more susceptible to airborne germs, such as infants and the elderly, and for those people who are sensitive to the effects of molds, pollen, pet dander and more. The Infinity Air Purifier is an integral component of your healthy home solution.

The Infinity air purifier kills COVID-19 and the flu virus.


Garage Heaters

When Wisconsin winters arrive we all wish that our garage could be warmer so we can continue to work on our projects or just keep our vehicles warmer. We offer gas garage heating systems that can be installed in a new or existing garage. We install both forced air unit heaters that hang from the ceiling and infrared tube heaters that also hang from the ceiling. Call and talk to our friendly office staff to find out which unit would work better for your garage.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be a great solution for your home comfort system because they work to provide both heating and cooling.

Heat pumps are a more efficient form of electric heat than electric baseboard heaters or electric furnaces. A heat pump works the same as an air conditioner in the summer, but it runs in reverse in the winter to bring heat into your home.


Hybrid Systems

During Wisconsin winters, the outside air temperature is 20 degrees or greater 84% of the time. A Carrier Infinity hybrid heat system using a 2-stage heat pump delivers warm enough air to the registers to feel comfortable when the outside temperature is 20 degrees or lower.

The Infinity hybrid heat system will automatically select the fuel source most efficient for your home, based on guidelines input by you, which means you’ll stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer and save money all year long.